JoElizabeth has been studying and teaching Natal Astrology for over half a decade. As the author of a popular online blog (Eristrology), she composes insightful posts that challenge the stereotypes of modern pop-culture Astrology. She hopes that in de-mystifyiing the ancient, sacred art, it can once again be used for its greatest purpose: to serve humanity as an accessible link to discovering the divine, within.

In her readings, JoElizabeth uses a practical approach to simplify the messages of the planets aligned at the time of one’s birth, thereby allowing her clients to receive the information necessary to truly grasp their highest potentials. It is her belief that Astrology can provide us with the guidence and support to encourage transformative shifts in how we perceive ourselves, others, and the entire universe.

Having lived at an ashram (the Amrit Yoga Institute) for two years, JoElizabeth is well-practiced in the philosophy of yoga and yoga nidra, and received her professional certification to facilitate the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra in September of 2017. She now uses her certification to incorporate Yoga Nidra into her readings, providing her clients with a unique tool they can use to access the potentials of their North Node dharma, or soul-purpose. Her personalized yoga nidra experiences are individually tailored to suit the needs of each client, in accordance with their Astrological chart.

As a fine artist, JoElizabeth has been featured in several galleries of the Lowcountry area of South Carolina, and is now featured in “A Walk in the Woods”, located in Downtown Hendersonville, NC. She is also a published illustrator for the world-renowned Amrit Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher, Kamini Desai, PhD, in Kamini’s scientific novel on the philosophy of yoga nidra, Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep.
As a graphic designer, she is skilled in creating logos, posters, brochures, flyers, and booklets, among many others. Please contact her for a custom graphic design or illustration quote.



John Vosler,

 E-RYT 500 Reigstered Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider

"I just had the most brilliant reading. It was an insightful, profound, and deeply confirming session. I am extremely grateful, excited, and in awe over her ability to share with me those things that I've needed confirmation on and yet give me insight on experiences to direct my attention in moving forward. She was extremely gifted in her description and insight during my reading. If you are looking for direction, guidance, and clarity, I highly recommend taking the time to experience a session with JoElizabeth -- a being of depth and knowing."

Stuart Sovatsky,

Author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy

"JoEl is brilliant, interpersonally sensitive, kind, and wise, and possesses a rare depth of understanding of Astrological Counseling that will illume and benefit your life. I have 46 years of professional experience in spiritual counseling with many thousands of persons worldwide and I would not hesitate to refer any interested client to JoEl for a chart reading or on-going Astrological Counseling -- or to learn and study the science and art of Astrology itself."

Jill Johns,

Owner of 1 Life by Design

"JoEl's knowledge and intuition is second to none. She has an easy demeanor coupled with a treasure trove of knowledge that made it easy for me to connect with her and hear her inspiring message. The personalized Yoga Nidra transformed my sleep experience and set my path allowing me to wake feeling energized and renewed."

Kelly Dyal

I TREASURE my reading from JoEl. She took the time to sit and explain each element of my chart, and listen to my comments on each new development. We were able to discuss what everything meant in my life, and what it could come to mean. I definitely left with a better understanding of and confidence in my actions as well as my day-to-day impact. The entire reading felt so calm and personal and I hope everyone has a chance to get this type of experience. I cannot recommend the experience I had highly enough. Thank you JoEl!

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As a planet first photographed in 2003, Eris has sparked some debate amongst scientists and astrologers worldwide. Her large size (she is bigger than Pluto!) and small moon initiated quite a bit of controversy surrounding whether she should claim the title of the ’10th planet’ in our solar system.

In Greek mythology, Eris (“Discordia” in Roman) is the goddess of strife and discord, striking anger and jealousy in the hearts of men. However, her astrological interpretation holds a much deeper symbology. Leading astrologers in Eris’ planetary research claim that she represents our essential will-to-live, and the innate, burning fire of existence. As the sister of Ares/Mars she holds a flame to war and chaos, but she brings justice to every cause — similar to themes like those of Libra and Venus. Eris is the fighter who only initiates battle when she has no other choice.

Eris is a powerful symbol of both human consciousness and the natural balancing of a karmic universe. She embodies the essence of willful action and choice, revealing to us the “temptations” of human life (greed, lust, revenge) and holding us all accountable for our decisions. She serves the role of the guiding mother, redirecting us only should we act in ways which violate higher Truth and Order.


In many ways, Eris reminds me of Shakti, or prana – the mother-like life force energy that flows through everything in existence. She is the balancing, feminine Ida to the masculine Pingala, the night to the day, or the dark to the light. In yoga, as well as many other practices and beliefs, our existence is comprised of opposites – of duality – where each extreme is just as important as the other. As such, Eris is neither connotatively positive or negative, but acts solely in the way of creating a natural justice in our world.

On a universal scale, Eris is a cosmic catalyst for spiritual shifts similar to that of the astrological Pluto. She reminds us of our own inner power when we discover and accept the divine feminine, within.

I have chosen Eris for my brand because I am inspired by her confident femininity in this patriarchal world — always standing up for herself and embodying her true power. The strength that she carries within serves as a light to all of humanity; this is something I feel a calling to embrace in my personal life and share with others in my spiritual practice of service.