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How will I receive my reading?
Local readings may be done in-person (inquiries sent to joelizabeth@eristrology.com), otherwise you have two options for how you may choose to receive your reading: a fully-typed .pdf document OR verbal recording by JoElizabeth sent to you via the email address you provide at checkout. The length of reading and processing time vary depending on the reading you purchase, and are addressed in each reading description on this website. If you wish to arrange for a live skype reading, you must email joelizabeth@eristrology.com before purchase or immediately (up to 24 hours) after purchase of desired reading. A skype call or live reading in person is not guarunteed to be available in every case.
When will I receive my reading or add-on?
Each reading description provides an estimation of the time it will take for your reading to be completed. This time allows for each reading to be hand-written or recorded as necessary. Live readings (in-person or via skype) may vary in processing time depending on the date scheduled for the reading.
What is your refund and cancellation policy?
Refunds are not accepted after 24 hours of purchase. A $10 cancellation fee will be charged for refund processing.